The truth is Singapore’s school system doesn’t give enough personalized support to students. Teachers in schools just don’t have the resources to give students the proper support they need. Students need teachers who can teach in a fun and entertaining way, and better yet, who were top students themselves and know the more effective methods to studying. Just trying to bludgeon everything into a student’s brain by rote memorization is simply not good enough.


Sophia Education is the solution. We provide students with the best teachers along with an environment that’s conducive to learning and improving how to learn.


Our results speak for itself. Since our establishment in 2013, we have helped over 900 students score ‘A’ in their O-Level and A-Level exams. We’ve attracted a group of quality teachers from top-rated universities including Harvard University, Oxford University, Imperial College London, National University of Singapore and others.


We can help your child too. Contact us for more information at 9810 6666.