N-Level / O-Level 

Improve 2 Grades in

just 12 Weeks!

 Small Group / 1-to-1 Lessons 

 Our Tutors 

Frustration & Fears     

87% of past tuition services had wasted child’s time & money

Spent long hours studying so

hard yet little improvement

75% of fruitless

study time

Boost of confidence and gain the

motivation to study

Improve by at least 2 Grades in just 12 weeks

Homework help available at

any time

Improve student's ability to understand their lessons in school

Trusted By 1000+ Parents & Students For 10 Years

Almost 80% 'A' Rate in past A-Levels

We Answer Every Question Your Child May Have

78% ‘A’ Rate in past A-Level

Examinations, almost double the National average results.

Proven to Improve By At Least 2-Grades

Strictly Follows

School Progress

Personalize your child’s learning based on his/her specific needs & clear ALL questions they may ask

Strictly follows your child’s learning progress in school, revise all weak chapters & prepare for examinations

Guaranteed 2 grades improvement or more in 12 weeks! Regardless of your child’s progress now. We focus on improvement








 Personalized Small Group Tuition 

Top University Degree Holders

Personalized Worksheets. Effective Study Skills. Concise Teaching. 

Proven Teaching Methods & Skills

Highly Selected &

Rated By Students

The Straits Times Cited Super Tutor

Teacher of RJC and HCI Dean's List Students

More than 10 Years Experience

Ex-Hwa Chong

Teacher of A-Level 7 'A' Students ​

Ms Cheng | Science Tutor

The Straits Times Cited Super Tutor

Harvard Graduate School of Education

Bachelor, Imperial College London

His concise framework helped many students to efficiently identify and deal with various types of questions.

Received the President Graduate Fellowship to further studies, completed PhD in 2016

10 years of experience in teaching JC Chemistry Ex Tutor from The Learning Lab

Lessons come with full notes and tutorial questions

Has tutored many A/O-Level students in Science & Chemistry, 90% improving their grades from D/F to B/A helping Students understand the content with ease.

NUS PhD in Chemistry

NUS Bachelor's of Science

Dr Ng | Science Tutor


Ms Wong | Science Tutor

PhD candidate specialising in medical biology. Graduated Honours with Distinction from NTU School of Biological Sciences, 2018 Graduate of the University Scholars Programme, NTU, 2018

Personal academic achieve: AAA for A Levels

'A' Level H2 Biology student grades improved tremendously from U to C/D for in-house school prelims over 1 months of tutoring.

Lessons will be structured by teaching, learning, and practising, using a selected assessment book & additional worksheets are then designed and provided for targeted practice on weak areas

Registered MOE Instructor for Enrichment Programmes and is also a MOE SPED school teacher

Students improved tremendously under her guidance & tutelage Passionate to inspire her students to help them understand the subjects and help them achieve their potentials academically

Ms Joey Lim | Science Tutor

University of London

Bachelor's Degree In Accounting & Finance

National University of Singapore (NUS)
Bachelor of Science, Major in Chemistry

Ms Cheryl Lim | Science Tutor

Created own set of concise notes for key chapters to aid in students' grasp of the content 

7 years of tutoring experience, taught students mainly from Top Schools

Well versed with the latest exam syllabus & familiar with what students typically find challenging 

Able to highlight errors and key concepts to ensure they are well understood

6 years of Teaching Experience

The Top Student for Physics & Mathematics, 2nd for Chemistry 

Had past students improve from F9 to A1 in 6 months under his guidance

Mr Low | Physics Tutor

National University of Singapore

Bachelor’s Degree in Chemical Engineering

10 Years of Teaching Experience

Taught over 200 students from Primary to JC levels.

Ex AJC & NUS Student

Students from R.I & Hwa Chong etc, Majority achieving above 80%

A patient tutor and conduct interesting & engaging lessons

Ms Mavis | English Tutor

Mr Wong | Economics Tutor

NUS Business Administration,

Major in Finance & Marketing

10 Years of Teaching Experience

Taught over 200 students from Primary to JC levels.

A patient tutor and conduct interesting & engaging lessons

His students have scored either 6/7 under his guidance & tutelage.

13 Years Experience with IB, IGCSE & A-Level Business & Economics students.

Students from Nexus International school,  Hwa Chong International School, NPS, AIS, HCIS, OFS, ACSI

13 Years Teaching Experience Specializing in Business & Economics

Bachelors Degree in Business Management

85% of her students are able to transcend from 'S' to at least a 'C' grade by JC2 Prelim

Patient, diplomatic, considerate, approachable

Teaching style: updated exam-smart content materials & smart-learning skills for both Essay Writing & Comprehension to empower students to score beyond the average points

Ms Chin | GP  Tutor

Bachelor's Degree in Humanities

NUS Bachelors Degree in Art & Social Sciences

NIE Certificate in Education

MOE and NIE-Trained Teacher with more than 20 years of experience in GP teaching

Able to help students better understand concepts and make lessons interesting & entertaining

Experienced in teaching JC GP and Secondary English 

Able to explain concept concisely and push students absorb efficiently

Extremely encouraging and patient

Ms Joha |  GP Tutor

Mr Chng | Economics Tutor

Inspiring and Energetic

Able to explain complicated concept in fun and entertaining manner

Personal Achievement: Top Scorer From ACSI

Mr Neo | English Tutor

Mr Chng | Economics Tutor

NUS Bachelor Degree in Business Admin

National University of Singapore

Full Time Econ Tutor with Passion to inspire students

Also brainstorms and prepares his own materials so as to explain mathematical concepts more clearly to students

Creates creative & engaging ways to teach languages and to sustain his students' interest in them

Aside from school curriculum and assessment books, he creates & prepares own materials for lessons that would increase students' vocabulary

Fun activities that students can relate to in their daily lives are incorporated into sessions, providing fun & conducive environment to learn languages

NUS Bachelor's Degree with Double Major in

History & English Literature

Well-versed with current syllabus and taught student with wide range of backgrounds 

Has encouraging and energetic personality

Focuses more on skills over content, will teach students how to study, rather than regurgitate what has been taught in school

Full-Time Tutor with more than 5 years experience specialises in teaching JC General Paper and English

Ms Sim |  English Tutor

Clean & colourful examples

for abstract concept

Worksheets are highly selected

from TYS & Top School Prelim

Customized based on learning needs and progress

Highly Efficient In-House

          Materials Provided


Small group lesson (2-6 students)

vip 1-to-1 lesson space

Our Reviews

Doing chapters different from school progress.



Large class size, no personal attention.




No chance to ask individual questions.


No strict tutor selection progress.

Mostly unprofessional part timers.





Little teaching experience.




No reliable reviews & no track records


Wasting student’s time and effort.

All-Inclusive fee



Refund guaranteed

to receive within


Ability to change

tutor if unsatisfied

Remaining funds will be issued if unsatisfied with 1st lesson

Reschedule your

make-up lessons at


Refund Flexibility

 Let your child experience 360 Degree Study Support 

studying articles

SIgn Up process


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How Are The Lessons Conducted?


Our Lessons Are In Small Groups With Tutoring Basis. Before Every Lesson, Students Will Need To Update Tutor His/her Learning Progress In School And Study Needs, Our Tutors Will Customize Notes And Worksheets For Each Students. During The Lessons, Students Will Get Summarized Teaching And Practice Customized Worksheets To Solidify Their Learning.  All Questions Each Student Have Problems With Will Be Cleared During Individual Consultation. 

Will The Teachers Be Able To Take Care Of All The Students?

Our Tutors Are Trained To Tutor Students In Small Groups. With Many Years Of Experience In Teaching Students From Different Backgrounds And Various Study Needs, Our Tutors Know The Best Learning And Teaching Techniques Which Maximizes Each Student’s Potential And Learning Speed. They Are Able To Explain Difficult And Abstract Questions With Crystal Clear And Down-To-Earth Explanations. Most Importantly, Our Tutors Know That The Best Way To Learn Is To Give The Students The Correct Instructions And Let The Students Work Out The Correct Solutions Independently.

Is It Possible For My Child To Catch Up With Others During The Tuition Lessons?

Over The Years, We’ve Come To Understand That Pushing A Child Too Hard Can Be Dangerous, And Can Hinder Their Progression Even Further. There Is No Need To Force Students To Get An “A” Grade Immediately. Success Takes Time, And Every Student Is Different. Some Learn Faster Than Others, And That’s Not To Say That One Student Is Better Than The Other. The Goal Is To Reach The Same Target – A Good Grade – No Matter How Long It Takes. It’s Not A Matter Of Catching Up; It’s About Getting Better And Better, Day By Day. 

My Child’s School Performance Is Weak. Can Sophia Education Definitely Help? 

Yes. 98% Of Our Students Saw An Improvement Of About 1-3 Grades Within Just 12 Weeks. We Begin By Analysing Your Child’s Unique Personal Problems So That We Would Be Able to Customize A Tailored Plan Of Action Accordingly.

Can My Child Ask Questions From Her/his School? 

Yes! They May Ask Any Questions, At Any Time, For Any Reason. Our Teachers Are Prepared For This, And Will Be Pleased To Demystify Any Queries Your Child May Have. Your Child’s Understanding Of The Topic At Hand Is The Most Important Factor, At The End Of The Day.

Is It Too Late To Start Tuition Now 

“Better Late Than Never!” It’s Never Too Late To Discover What Is Holding Your Child Back, Where They Need To Be, And What It Will Take To Get Them There. No Bad Grade Is Unsalvageable. We’re Here To Prove It. Please Sign Up As Soon As Possible, Rather Than Wait For The Last Minute Before Exams.

Is There Homework? 

To Ensure That Students’ Stay Consistent In Their Learning And Produce Best Possible Results, They Will Generally Be Given a 2-Hour Workload Homework Per Week. 

Can My Child Change Their Lesson’s Slot?

Yes, Students Can Apply A 'Lesson Slot Change' If They Have Informed the Centre At Least 48 Hours Before Their Original Slot/Date.

When Do We Pay The Fees?

All Fee Payments Are Due At The Start Of Each Set Of 4 X Lessons. 

Can We Ask For A Refund? 

Students Can Request To Stop and request for a refund if they are unsatisfied with their first lesson. You will be required to inform the centre at least 48hrs in advance before your original scheduled lesson slot.

Is There A Free Trial? 

While We Do Not Offer Free Trials, We Do Promise A 100% Satisfaction Guarantee. Should You Be Unsatisfied With Your First Lesson, You May Request to Cancel Your Child’s Remaining Services At Least 48 Hours Before Your Next Original Lesson Slot And Receive A Refund. 

What Are The Students Required To Bring For Their First Lesson?

Be Sure To Pack A Bag Including Their Calculator, Stationaries (Pens, Pencils, Sharpener Etc.) As Well As Their Worksheets And Relevant Books If They Have Questions To Ask From Them.


Payment Methods 

1 cash
2 cheque (payable to Sophia Education) 
3 bank transfer to 
OCBC: 6898 7779 3001. 
4 PayNow to 53246855D (Sophia Education)



How Does The Guarantee Work 

Sophia Education Has A 99.8% Satisfaction Rate, And Our Track Record Speaks For Itself. However, Should You And/Or Your Child Be Unsatisfied With Our Teaching Methods After Your First Lesson For Any Reason, You Can Request For A Refund At Least 2 Days Before Your Next Original Lesson Slot


15. Is It Possible For My Child To Join His/Her Own Classmates?

The Majority Of Our Students Are Introduced To Sophia Education Through Referral/Word Of Mouth. We Are Always Thrilled To See Just How Many Parents And Students Enjoy Great Success As A Result Of Our Classes. We Pride Ourselves On Offering Positive Learning Experiences, Equipping Children With The Confidence They Need To Improve Their Grades In Record Time.

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