4 Things To Do if you just Failed your JC Exams

It's totally normal to fail your exams in JC. Whatever the result, the most important that you learn from your mistakes!

Here’s what you can do to help yourself improve!

1. Don’t let the Sec School “I’m the best” mindset bother you.

Secondary school and JC is very different, and it doesn’t matter if you have been getting stellar grades all the time, JC is a new and different experience. Just take it that you’re starting from the beginning all again, and focus on learning!

2. Be confident and hopeful.

Despite what people say, there’s always a way to solve your problems, and there is always time to improve. Just keep working!

3. Reflect over your mistakes.

What caused you to fail? Are you stuck because:

  1. Never study enough?

  2. Concept and understanding?

  3. Unable to apply to the question?

  4. Almost there but keep losing half mark everywhere?

If you’re not sure, ask your tutor for help. Make sure you understand every wrong answer and get feedback.

Something else you can do is have a mistake notebook. Note down things that are important that you constantly get wrong, and you can read your notebook as personal revision before the next exam.

4. Make a list of topics that you need to revise again.

Just so you can clear all questions and have a way to start revising for your next exam.

By Ms Cheng

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