5 Tips to study JC Chemistry

1. Read the materials before going to class

This method is known as the "Flipped Classroom" or "Class Reversed" concept and it is a growing trend to doing well, especially for JC Chemistry where it's effect can be seen twofold. It allows students to familiarise themselves with the concepts before classes so that everything is much easier to follow and they can instead use class time to raise important questions.

2. Understanding rather than memorising

William James said "The essence of genius is to know what to overlook". It is important to selectively memorise points but even more important to focus on understanding the concepts. Under no circumstance should memorisation replace understanding.

3. Use flashcards

Chemistry is a very scientific language and interpreting all the concepts correctly is the key to your success in JC Chemistry. Flashcards are ideal for storing chemical symbols and equations on and also provide a quick memory jolt before your paper.

4. Take notes

It is not enough just to pay attention in class. Formulas and equations are much easier to understand once written down. Also, when notes are kept in an organised manner, it is much easier to pin point which topics you are unclear with.

5. Practice daily

Test your knowledge with past year JC Chemistry papers on a regular basis which help you assess your understanding to date before your paper. It is also important to get a chance to go into the lab as much as possible - there is no substitution for a hands on experience!

Adapted from https://www.goconqr.com/en/examtime/blog/how-to-study-chemistry/

By Ms Cheng

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