7 Methods to Help You to Improve 2 Grades in your JC Exams

Here's some tips to help you ace your JC exams:

1. Know exactly what you’re being tested on.

Schools usually give out a list of topics tested before the exam. Make sure you know what they are!

Understand the format of the paper and plan your time so you are able to finish the whole paper.

2. Rank the topics on what you’re the most blur about to the topics that you understand the best.

Start revising with the most difficult topics so you can take your time with them, and clarify with your tutor if you need to. Do the topics you’re better at later so you can just take a quick read to refresh your memory.

3. Make a list of your misunderstandings.

Note down common mistakes, specific phrases and reminders in order to up the precision and quality of your answers!

4. Read through tutorial or lecture questions.

Those questions are chosen by your teachers (aka the people who are also setting the paper) and have a wide range of the types of question the topic has. It’s a good way to practice questions that are not too difficult.

5. Make sure you cover every topic tested.

No matter how easy the topic is, if you don’t read through it to refresh your memory, you will forget it during the exam. Make sure to at least touch each topic in order to be more prepared for the exam.

6. Leave 1-2 weeks before the exams to start doing full papers.

Topical practice and full paper practice is very different. Doing full papers is more rigorous due to the need to finish before the time limit, and switching your brain from formula to formula and topic to topic. Get yourself used to doing full papers so you won’t get too stunned during the actual paper.

Try to do at least 3-4 JC papers under timed conditions with no reference.

7. What to do 1 day before the exam

  • Read through your condensed notes, taking note of equations, definitions and common mistakes.

  • Don’t read your lecture notes! It’ll confuse and worry you even more.

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