How to make the Best Use of JC Tuition Lessons

There are many kinds of JC tuition centres in Singapore that offer different kinds of services aimed to help you. Before signing up for tuition, you might have to think about which style of tuition will suit you the best. You can find out more by going for Trial Lesson, asking around, or reading forums about them.

Firstly, you have to consider what kind of problems you are facing. Many students usually come across these few problems:

  1. Lazy, not enough effort put in, lack of self-discipline and motivation.

  2. Cannot catch up in school, maybe because the student's foundation is weak or the teacher is just not good enough.

  3. Understand, but cannot apply concept to the question, difficulty in answering more questions

  4. Content is solid but have a small amount of questions to clarify

When selecting a tuition centre, consider if the style of the tuition centre fits your learning style. Is it 1 to 1 or group? What is lecture style with fixed syllabus, or is it more flexible where you can ask your own questions?

Make sure you are open with your tuition teacher. They are unable to read your mind and while they can analyse your work and come up with an appropriate lesson plan, you know yourself best. Work with your teacher to find out about your problems. Tuition teachers always have other students and might not 100% attention to you, so you have to always take initiative to ask questions and steer the lessons in the correct direction.

In the end, tuition is still only a tool to help with your learning. It cannot help you miraculously without putting in your own effort. Make sure you make use of every minute you are there!

By Ms Cheng

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