How to study JC Math: 7 Tips for Problem Solving

1. Practice, practice and more practice

It is impossible to successfully study JC maths just by reading and listening. The more you practice solving math problems, the better and there is no escaping this reality. Each problem has its own characteristics and it is important to learn how to solve it in numerous ways before the exam.

2. Review errors

When you make a mistake, don't just look at the answer or skip to the next question - it is important to work through the process for each solution and understand where you went wrong in order to prevent the same mistake in the future.

3. Master the key concepts

Do not try to memorise the whole process. This is counterproductive and it will be better in the long run to understand the logic involved. JC math is a sequential subject so if you fail to understand one topic, it's highly likely you'll fail to understand the next.

4. Understand your doubts

It is not common for students to move on to the next question when they get stuck, however, we should try to avoid this during practice and spend time trying to break down and understand complex problems.

5. Create a distraction free study environment

JC math is a subject that requires more concentration than others and the environment you study in could be a determining factor to solving problems. Creating a soothing atmosphere and suitable background music can aid this.

6. Create a mathematical dictionary

JC math has many specific terminology with a lot of vocabulary. Create notes or flashcards with the key terminologies to jolt your memory when practicing or revising.

7. Apply Math to real world problems

JC math problems can be very abstract and sometimes, associating them with practical situations can help to change your perspective and understanding of the question.

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By Ms Cheng

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