6 Must To-Dos before & during JC lectures

Here’s some tips to make the best of JC lectures:

1. Know which chapter the lecture is about.

Your lecturer might tell you what the next lecture will be about, so make sure you know clearly!! Please do not walk into a lecture without knowing what it’s going to be about.

2. Get yourself familiar with the lecture notes before the lecture.

Even if you don’t understand, just finish reading and point out the stuff that you don’t understand. Attempt 1 or 2 sample questions by yourself and write down any questions.

3. Write down what you’re confused about.

Sort out a list of things that confused you, or what you don’t understand. During the lecture, if the answer for the question comes out, write it down.

4. Pay attention!!

During the lecture, focus on the teacher’s explanation instead of copying the teacher’s answers.

5. Ask questions and get them answered ASAP

If any answer that was copied confuses you, circle it and ask a teacher later or try to answer it again yourself later.

6. Use a pencil!

Ms Cheng’s secret: Use a pencil to record important points and the answers to questions. After the lecture, rewrite everything in pen as it is a good opportunity to revise everything. Extra benefit, everything will be neater!

- - - -

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