9 Steps to Prepare for H2 Maths and H2 Chemistry Exams

March 19, 2018

 1. Know what topics are to be tested

Avoid entering the exam venue and realizing that you have been studying for the wrong subject or chapters

  • Ask your teachers

  • Read your exam timetable carefully

  • Take note of the list of tested subjects for that exam


2. Start revision early

Kick your bad habit of studying and cramming at the last minute. A good tutor is important as he/she will be able to track your learning and exam timetable, ensuring that revision starts early.

  • Tell Ms Cheng your learning process in school and request for additional practices for your weaker topics 


3. Rank the topics for each subject

For every study session, start revising your weakest topic first when you are at your freshest.

  • For every subject, rank the topics from the most tedious/hardest to the easiest

  • Start revising from the most tedious/hardest topic


4. Limit your time for each subject

It is never good to continuously study the same chapters for too long. Your brain will get tired and bored, and you will find yourself spacing out more frequently. Splitting up your study sessions will be more effective.

  • Plan a study schedule, with preferably a mixture of different subjects

  • Ensure that every subject and topic have a time limit (~45 mins)