How to study for H2 Maths

1. Understanding the requirements of the subject

The different H2 Maths chapters require different aspect of understanding. Some topics focus on visualizing (eg integration to find the volume of solids), some focus on applying (eg forming the differential equation from the question), while some focus on practice (eg Maclaurins Series). Ms Cheng will point out the focus of the different topics.

2. Study effectively

A good tutor points out the key concepts and teaches them with clarity and simplicity, ensuring that you will study with the end goal in mind.

3. Identifying trends

Some topics have their own set of common questions. Identify them and make sure that you have adequate practice on them. Ask Ms Cheng for practices, and be ensured that you will be practicing the different types of questions.

4. Getting the correct practices

Everyone has their own individual progress. A worksheet that is too easy for you, might be difficult for other. A good tutor is able to see where you stand and give you worksheets that are suitable for your level of understanding. Thereafter, you can start adding onto your foundation.

5. Move on

When you are stuck at a question, don’t give up too easily, but also don’t be too persistent. Should you get stuck on a question for more than 15 mins, tag the question and move on to the rest. After that, find a friend/teacher or tutor for help. Being stuck on a question for too long, only to end up not solving it, is demoralizing and will affect your confidence level negatively.

6. Study plan

Create a study revision plan and stick to it. Remember to reread the questions that you did wrong again. This helps to increase the percentage of understanding with every revision of the questions. Most importantly, ensure that your study plan includes enough rest time and has a good mix of time for different subjects. Studying a topic in small sections is less overwhelming than studying in big chunks.

7. Practice full-length papers

Practicing full-length H2 Math papers helps tune your brain to adapt to exam conditions. Doing only topical questions hinder your brain from learning how to jump from one concept to another.

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