What do you do if you failed your H2 Maths and H2 Chemistry exams

1. It is okay to fail!

“Success consists of going from failure to failure without loss of enthusiasm.” - Winston Churchill

It is absolutely fine and even normal to get S and U in JC exams. Do not let your Secondary school mindset of getting As and Bs affect you. What matters the most is that you don’t give up and learn from your mistakes.

  • Review your exam papers thoroughly

  • Identify any misunderstandings and clarify them immediately

2. Consultations

Failing an exam is a sign that you do not fully understand what is required of the subject. Having consultations with your teacher or tutor is an excellent way to figure out exactly what went wrong.

  • Consult your teacher with your exam scripts

  • Get a good tutor and review your exam scripts together, identifying what is the problem and the concepts that you haven’t grasp completely

3. Pushing forward

After reviewing your scripts, make a list of topics that you are weak in and set aside time to revisit them. Time management and discipline are of paramount importance, as you would need to juggle the time between learning new topics and revising your weak topics.

  • Make a list of your weak topics

  • Make a study plan and fix timings for the respective topics

  • Stick strictly to your plan

4. Getting better

After finishing your revision, time yourself and complete questions on the topics to ensure that you have completely grasp the concepts.

  • Tell Ms Cheng your weak chapters and request for the quizzes

  • Complete the quizzes and sort out misunderstandings on the spot

5. Be confident

One S/U does not mean that your next grade will be the same. Put in effort and with Ms Cheng’s help, watch your grades climb up.

- - - -

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