5 Reasons why Students need so much Tuition

If you're struggling in school, this is totally normal. Tuition can help you clear your questions and help you catch up! Here's why tuition can help improve your grades:

1. There’s a big jump between Secondary School and JC.

In JC, the learning style is very different from Secondary School and many people cannot get used to the lecture & tutorial style. Thus, they will fall behind without the constant attention.

2. School environment makes it difficult for students to stay motivated.

Students sometimes get discouraged due to results and teacher’s comments, and need a new environment without competition and without classmates. Sometimes, they are affected by other people’s judgements and academic progress, and thus can be difficult for them to ask for help. Tuition is a place where they can focus on themselves, instead of being pressured by constant competition and having to care about their classmates.

3. JC content is just too difficult.

JC subjects are way more in-depth and the learning time (lecture and tutorial) is too short for the teacher to cover all the content. Students need more time to fully absorb everything.

4. Lectures are super ineffective.

The lecture system for students are simply not as effective as small-classroom learning. Students find it very difficult to stay focused in a room with 200 students, and with the air-con and one teacher talking on and on without any student interaction.

5. Some teachers aren’t as good as they need to be.

The ugly truth is that there are some teachers that are knowledgeable, but do not have sufficient experience in communicating and transferring the knowledge to students. Many teachers start from teaching in a class instead of one-to-one, so they do not have the experience of dealing with student’s individual problems and do not know what the students commonly have problems with.

During the tutorial, most of the times teachers just go through questions that they think students have problems with. However, students each have their own problems and confusions, and are shy to ask as they are embarrassed that they don’t have even the basic knowledge. So, the problem remains unsolved.

By Ms Cheng

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