Sophia Education's Teaching Style

There are many tuition centres in the market, and Sophia Education sets itself apart with a special approach. Ms Cheng has a unique teaching style that is different from other tuition centres, which has proven to be more effective as well with 78% of her A-Level students getting ‘A’, which is twice the national average. Call 9810 6666 to sign up for a Trial Lesson to see if Sophia Education is suitable for you!

✓ Not lecture-based

Most students find themselves struggling in JC, not because they don’t understand lectures. Most of the times, they fail to apply the concepts to questions.

At Sophia Education, Ms Cheng gives personalised worksheets that target your child’s weaknesses. These worksheets help Ms Cheng to accurately identify why your child is failing to apply the concepts and then guide them.

✓ Teaches according to your child’s learning progress

Before your child joins in the lesson, do ask them to message Ms Cheng their weaker subjects and their progress in school. Ms Cheng would then prepare the most suitable worksheets for your child. Different topic requires different techniques (memorisation, application, calculations). During lessons, Ms Cheng will clearly point out the key concepts for each topic, giving your child clear directions when he/she is attempting questions. She will also ensure that the worksheets given to them are of a suitable difficulty to cater to each student’s needs.

✓ Encourages an independent learning environment

Giving clear directions in order to allow her students to be independent in their learning, knowing the way to get the answer instead of telling them the answer directly. Ms Cheng does not spoon-feed her students; instead she directs them to find the answer in their way first before helping them. This ensures that they will not be too dependent on their teachers, which will affect them negatively in examinations, allowing them to be more independent in their learning.

By Ms Cheng

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