Common problems that school teachers have

1. Teaching is a 2-part job.

I do admit that school teachers are educated and have the knowledge necessary to teach their subject, but in reality, teaching is a profession with 2 parts. Part 1 is knowledge and part 2 is teaching techniques. This is the part most school teachers don’t have even after NIE training and years of experience. Passing down the knowledge is a whole different story, and some teachers are just don’t know the proper teaching techniques.

2. Teachers are unable to make personal connections with students.

School teachers all start from NIE and teach class after. They rarely have chance to communicate with their students one-to-one. This differentiates school teachers and tutors. School teachers aren’t aware of the student’s individual problems. They don’t know where the problem is focused at. That’s why they don’t build up a close communication relationship with their students. That’s why the students say that they don’t understand what the teacher says in class.

Additionally, teachers have to deal with 30 or more students and thus are unable to care for each student individually.

3. Some teachers aren’t motivated.

I have to confess that a teacher’s pay is low, and they have a stable job. Thus, the teachers are not motivated to try hard for the students, and have no incentive to come up with fun and fresh ways to teach the students. To them, teaching is a job and not a passion, and they don’t have the motivation to satisfy the students.

4. Teachers have to do admin work on top of teaching.

School teachers have a LOT of admin work, instead of taking the time and opportunity to focus on the students. Throughout their teaching career, even though they’ve been teaching for a long time, their teaching skills are not fully developed due to other teacher duties such as CCA and admin work.

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