How to deal with a really bad teacher

1. Teachers are human too.

There are some teachers that really cannot make it. This is the ugly truth. People are different (regardless if they’re teachers or not). Sometimes you’re not lucky and will end up meeting a teacher that doesn’t suit you or is just not a nice person.

2. Don’t let them affect you too much.

If you have these kind of teachers, stay away from them and ignore them. Don’t think about them so much because in the end, you are the one managing yourself. Don’t let them distract you too much from your academic progress and if need be, just totally ignore what they say. Your learning is your responsibility too!

3. Find other resources.

If you have a teacher who can’t teach, don’t waste your time booking consultation with them. Go find another teacher who can answer your questions, or find a good tuition teacher to get help in a more efficient way. Your parents will be willing to pay for a good teacher.

4. Some teachers get distracted during lessons.

There are some teachers who talk about random nonsense during lessons. If you feel that you are wasting your time, take out your own notes and read. Don’t waste your time listening to all that rubbish, and make use of that time.

5. Don’t waste time complaining about the teacher.

Instead of using the time to complain, do your own work. Ignore them totally and don’t think about them.

- - - -

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