The 3 Key Drivers of a Successful Education

At Sophia Education, we believe there are 3 main entities that are crucial to the upbringing of well learned individuals. These individuals are none other than our parents, teachers and of course , the students. Each of their roles are not interchangeable , but they are co dependant on one another to ensure that their common goals can be met.

As parents, we all want to see our children performing academically but we must not let our desires cloud our judgement and our perspective in seeing our children and their respective learning abilities. As such, parents might tend to dismiss poor performance as a lack of effort and in doing so might even impede the learning abilities of your child further as this may be seen as a lack of support to the child and have an adverse effect on the child. Fixing the way we see our children may just be the vital key to unlocking our child’s potential and this can only be done with the support of the parents.

As teachers, there is a stark difference in being good at a teaching subject and being good at teaching. At Sophia Education we have observed that it takes a particular set of skills to be a good effective teacher. We believe that a good teacher can successfully impart good learning habits to the student and gives students study materials that can be easily memorized. Teachers are the frontline in giving students the edge they need to succeed in their education hence, finding the right teachers to guide students is paramount to that success.

Lastly, the students are the defining factor in this co-dependent relationship as they are the gear that sets everything into motion in their pursuit for educational success. The students must have their own direction in their studying patterns as this will be what motivates them to keep doing practices, memorizing notes and being a good student overall. Finding a student’s personal goal or direction in their study life is a good foundation to start propelling them towards educational gains.

In conclusion, finding a balance between how we manage the interactions between the 3 parties and reshaping internal perspectives are the recipes to success in a student’s educational odyssey.

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