Why School Teachers May Not Be The Best Teachers

School Teachers are the first people a student will be exposed to when entering an educational institute of any kind. They are the people who define the educational atmosphere of the institute and give students a looking glass into the world of education and its plethora of subjects it has to offer. However, the looking glass may not always be of the best quality and in return, the students get a different outlook on their respective subjects than they are supposed to get. Therefore, we dive into the problems that school teachers face and why this might hamper a student’s learning process.

One of the problems in school teachers is that the role of school teachers are split into two positions : an Admin role and a Teaching role. The teaching role is the most common aspect of a school teacher we see everyday, but we often forget what happens when the school teacher does behind the scenes including ,but not limited to : a massive pile of paperwork, organizing extra-curricular activities and overseeing school events. These activities divert their attention away from their true role of teaching, giving teachers less time to work on their teaching skills thereby never reaching their full teaching potential.

Furthermore, with time being consumed by school activities, teachers are less likely to establish personal connections with students thus not being able to teach at a pace where every student can effectively understand what is truly being taught.

It’s been observed that some school teachers just aren’t motivated to teach students. In Singapore, teaching in schools is regarded as a stable job albeit being low paying and as such, school teachers seldom don’t have the drive to teach well because to them, teaching is regarded more as a job and not a passion which defeats the purpose of teaching altogether.

The root of the problem that inhibits school teachers from being the best teachers is the inability to identify the difference between being good in the topic and being good in teaching topics. School teachers may exhibit the lack of good teaching techniques that make them good in teaching. This is a skill that teachers must possess in order to effectively convey the ideas and principles of a subject to a student. Hence we have school teachers who might enter into the industry being good at a subject but may not possess the skill to teach thus restricting students’ learning capabilities.

Concluding this article, we see that teachers need to be more unhinged from their responsibilities to the school and be more responsible towards the students.

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