The Importance of Parenting in Shaping a Child's Future

Parenting is no easy task, and it is even more arduous when it comes to educating your child and giving them the best that you can provide in fortifying their educational journey. In this article, we’ll take a look at the important role you play as a parent in moulding your child’s educational future.

Parents are a source of support for any child, and when that child is a student, support can come in many forms. Be it financial support through paying for tuition/school fees etc, or educational support in helping your child with schoolwork, every form of support has a critical impact on a child’s learning curve. The most important source of support we found is emotional support , specifically how the parents react to their child’s educational performance. The usual scenario is where parents may neglect the efforts of their child by dismissing their poor results as a lack of effort on the child’s part but really it could be caused by a wide range of other factors such as difficulty in understanding certain concepts of a subject. This may cause a domino effect in which the child may be put down so much, they might not be able to continue learning effectively and efficiently due to their troubled state. Therefore, it is important that parents remain supportive in the academic pursuits of a child as we must understand the differences in learning abilities and capacities of different individuals .

Another aspect of parenting is a parent’s reaction towards modern education. We all have to agree that both the parent and the child grew up in different generations and with different generations come different standards of education. The parents have to acknowledge the change in times and the differences in how subjects are taught. This applies especially to situations in which parents help children with their learning materials. Parents might use their knowledge of the past (although still applicable) to solve modern problems which is something the educational system might not take kindly to. Furthermore, we have to acknowledge that the educational standards from the past might have changed as compared to modern times. An ‘A’ in the 1900s might not be as difficult or easy as getting an ‘A’ in 2020 and the standards of an ‘A’ will continue to change as time goes on.

In conclusion, finding a balance between how we manage the interactions between the 3 parties and reshaping internal perspectives are the recipes to success in a student’s educational odyssey.

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