How To Get an 'A' For Your O'Level Biology and Combined Science Papers

In order to score for Pure Biology or Combined Science that comprises of Biology at the O-levels, the tips to follow through towards getting an A1 for either of the subjects are similar.

Of course for Combined Science, you will need to put in an equal amount of effort for the other half of the combination to secure the A1 for your final grade at the O-levels.

On the Biology front, here are some tips for you to follow through to guide you towards getting A1 at the O-levels:

1. Ensure that you have a good grasp of the topics tested

content covered for either of the science is rather heavy and spread over a course of two years to study, do make a checklist of the topics and sub-topics that you need to cover. This checklist can come to be a helpful guide for you to plan your study schedule leading up to the O-levels.

Also, depending on the time you are reading this post, find out the amount of time you have left up to the paper and plan realistically.

You can use notes provided by Sophia Education that are available for our classes to help plan your studying schedule for Science topics at the O-levels.

Having a good grasp of the topics tested is essential as the nature of the subject may bring about questions that test on multiple topics in a single question. Thus, it is important to have a good grasp of the topics in order to do well for the sciences at the O-levels.

2. Make your notes For the sciences, making notes will help to serve as a checkpoint to revisit the concepts taught in school. Putting the content learned into notes of your own format will also be helpful for you to review everything much more easily and efficiently. Thus, as you revise the content with the study schedule you have come up with earlier, make some notes alongside to make the most out of your revision time.

4. Practice Practice is something that students cannot escape doing if they want to do well. Attempting practice papers is the best way to assess your level of understanding. It gives you the exposure to the varied types of possible questions that may be tested at the O-levels. At Sophia Education, we provide practice papers as well as notes to help get the optimum amount of practice needed to improve and achieve the best grade possible.

5. Get help if needed Don’t ever hesitate to seek help with our tutors at Sophia Education or try not to put any of the questions in your head to “the next day”. These questions may unknowingly build up to a significant amount of queries up to the O-levels so try not to fall into that pithole. Be it drop by during Sophia Education classes, or forming a study group with your peers, be sure to start early in getting the help you need. Sophia Education provides highly personalized tuition to each student that will guarantee at least 2-grades improvement in just 12 weeks.

6. Not forgetting, rest! It may be a really stressful period for you and you may want to maximize all the time you have up till the O-levels. But do not forget to take a break. Trying to cramp a lot of content within a short period or consecutive period of time isn’t going to be productive for your revision. Instead, taking a break may be helpful for you to assess your level of understanding as well.

Getting A1 for Biology at the O-levels is not an unattainable task if you have the discipline to stick through these tips up till the O-levels. With constant effort put in, you can be confident in achieving A1 for your Biology at the O-levels.

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