How To Revise For Your O'Level Science

For science, there is no way you can score well in examinations just by memorising the facts and definitions in your Textbooks or Science Notes.

The way to learn effectively is to make sure you understand the essential concepts. For revision, it is recommneded that you tackle it in a topical basis first, before coming back to do a summary of how the different topics are interlinked together.

Before beginning to revise a topic:

  • Have a brief ideas of the learning objectives of the topics – what are you required to know?

  • Take a look at section headings and sub-headings to get an overall idea of what is covered

  • Think about how much you already know about this topic – just some points and keywords.

During the revision of the topic:

  • Underline of highlight important points – you can also write them out in point forms

  • Lists out important facts, diagrams or definitions – they are usually tested

  • Understand all the different terms used

  • Attempt the questions in your Chemistry Textbooks, Workbooks, Ten Years Series or questions in this blogsite

  • Identify those points that you are not sure and confused about – approach your teacher or look for our tutor at Sophia Education to assist you with questions and chapters you're unsure of! Do NOT ignore any confusions because they will become MISCONCEPTIONS in your Science Exams.

After revision of the topic:

  • Look at the summary or concept link at the end of your textbook – you should be confident now that you have covered those angles

  • Make your own summary of the topic by various methods you are comfortable with: MindMaps, Tables, Flowcharts, Concept Maps, Point Forms, etc… – use the methods that you're most comfortable with.

  • Try out and practice using the 10 Year Series.

Once you have revised at least once for each chapter that is tested in your Mid-Year Examinations – it is time for you to close all notes and just look at the content page. It would be best to do an overall summary of it. Based on your sub-headings – close ur eyes and try to recall as many small points / facts on each sub-headings. You would realise that many of the terms used are actually re-occuring in our topics.

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