Imperative Study Habits

Before every new chapter, keep under 20 minutes to peruse through any notes and identify understandable areas while highlighting areas you don’t understand. This will give you an overview of the topic. One should also copy any model answer that is given out for further understanding of the topic.

During Lessons, pay close attention to the teacher but know that how well one digests the teachings depends on the quality of the teachers.

The first attempt on homework should be done with a time limit recommended by teachers and any questions that one is unsure of should be highlighted and skipped and do them after you have completed the paper. Ask your teacher if you still have existing questions you do not know how to solve.

During the self-study phase, schedule a personalized study plan as every student has differing strengths and weaknesses. If one cannot set up an effective study plan, do seek assistance from tutors or teachers. Moreover, if one bases their study plan around school homework, they will find that their revision is not comprehensive as school homework is merely at a basic level hence a good study plan will allow students to stay ahead of others.

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