The Right Way To Teach Math

In Math, each chapter has one main concept and by understanding this main concept student can generally do well, however most students use the associated textbook with the wrong focus to study for math thus producing bad results. A good tutor will circumvent this problem in little time.

Students should initially ignore calculator usage and workings as long as they are able to get the gist of the concept clearly. Afterwhich, they should spend 90% of their revision on question practice that increases in difficulty. The questions should be done in 2 rounds, in which the second round should be to do the questions previously unable to be done in the first.

Questions that are difficult and wrong or take too long to solve, will reduce the interest of learning math and increase friction in learning. These questions ,along with questions that were done wrong should be copied to a mistake book , where the solutions should be worked out again and labeled with the corresponding math concept.

Copy the question and model answers before practicing questions, as the path to learning math is started with imitation before practice. Finally, spend at most 2 hours on the subject as the human brain can only take so much for one subject.

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