The Ugly Truth Of Students Who Score

At Sophia Education we realize that students get good results on their exams not necessarily by luck but by the attitude and characteristics of their parents in their learning journey. This is because children tend to observe their parents in everything they do and it affects their way of life, especially in education.

Kids develop their solid learning foundation at a young age and naturally look to parents for role models. However, parents often tend to not teach the right learning skills or methods during a child’s learning journey which hampers their educational development. This will lead to children not performing to a parent’s expectations which in turn ,generates a multiplier effect that hampers the child’s learning even more. This is because parents don’t try to correct their child’s learning methods or learning directions and instead keep blaming their children because they believe bad grades are always the child’s fault.

We have to embrace this ugly truth if we want to bring the scores of any student even higher up and achieve the best results that they set their minds to.

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