Excelling in Science

The science subject has a plethora of things that are combined together and must be both memorized and understood to succeed in the subject.

An experienced tutor will aid a student in giving them a brief summary of the concepts and helping them to have a better general understanding of the subject. The tutor will also point out key definitions,formulas and explanations that are needed to memorize for the subject.

To digest information better, students should set a time limit for students to memorize these concepts , afterwhich write them out without referring to any notes. This will allow students to get the big picture and important concepts of this chapter.

Once these preliminary steps are done, students can move on to doing their practice questions which should typically be done in 2 rounds. The second round should be used to do the questions previously unable to be done in the first. Questions that take too long to resolve will increase the friction in learning, as such, students should copy these questions down into a mistake book.

In this mistake book, after learning how the questions are solved, the questions should be redone by the student and be labelled to their appropriate scientific concept for easier reference. Finally, spend at most 2 hours on the subject as the human brain can only take so much for one subject.

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