How Sophia Education chooses the best tuition teachers in Singapore

Today, tuition is seen as a necessary commodity for any student’s learning experience. In recent studies, it is found that up to 67% of Singaporeans have or have previously enrolled their children in tuition, while a staggering 80% of Singaporeans believe that tuition is beneficial to children’s education.

These sentiments have propelled the expansion of the $1.4 billion tuition industry, and made a career in tuition teaching a highly lucrative career. Some tutors have made headlines by earning as much as 7 figures a year!

However, with great economic advantages also comes great responsibility. After all, parents and students are placing their trust (and money) on tuition teachers to bring about better (if not, the best) results.

Under Sophia Education, this pressure to push our students forward is on. Sophia Education consistently subjects our teachers to strict assessments in order to ensure the highest quality of teaching at our centres. We employ the best, and only the best.

Here is how we maintain the exemplary standards of teaching at our centres.

Highly selective entrance exams

For every tutor that applies to teach under Sophia Education, they are required to undergo a highly selective entrance exam. To secure a passing grade, they must be able to score up to 90% in order to qualify as an educator in any of our centres to ensure they provide effective teaching with quality teaching strategies and teaching methods.

The exam papers our tutors must take are definitely not easy. Many potential teachers, regardless of their years of teaching experience, have failed to pass this very first stage.

Test-interview to assess quick-thinking skills

Sophia Education tutors must be equipped to think fast and efficiently when guiding their students in group tuition with small class sizes. We affirm that time is valuable during the lessons, and we only select tuition teachers who are capable of being quick on their feet and have efficient teaching styles.

Hence, during the test-interview process, tutors are tasked to provide a mock-lesson by providing an explanation for a given question. Naturally, for questions that demand long-winded calculations or explanations, they need not produce the exact answer within a matter of seconds.

Instead, they must be able to easily spot the key methods and concepts to traverse through the presented problem. They are then further assessed on whether their explanations are made in a concise manner.

A truly skilled teacher would be able to efficiently and clearly help their students’ with their immediate concerns, and only those who exceed these expectations are hired under Sophia Education. Our tutors are also welcomed to provide their own quality teaching materials, quizzes, and supporting materials.

Choosing only genuine and likeable tutors

Teachers in junior colleges, secondary schools and primary schools often have to juggle with a myriad of responsibilities outside of the classroom. They juggle managing their administrative work, their personal lives, or even extra-curricular clubs and activities. Not to mention, there are typically 30-40 students per class!

It is almost impossible for a single teacher to give the full attention a struggling student might need.

However, more teachers and smaller class sizes enable our tuition teachers to care for not just their academic needs, but also their mental and emotional needs.Here at Sophia Education, our tutors need to have genuine hearts and the passion to help the students succeed holistically.

The close relationship developed between student and teacher here also bolsters the students’ interest and motivation in their studies, as they begin to associate positive experiences with learning.

Performance-oriented work environment