What makes us the most popular and upcoming tuition centre in Singapore?

Sophia Education is one of the top upcoming tuition in Singapore. We have won the praise of over 1000 parents and students across the last 10 years, and have even been featured by prominent News companies like Channel News Asia and The Straits Times. Our popularity has propelled us to expand our brand, with 8 new centres opening up island-wide and we provide tuition for all levels including junior colleges, secondary schools and primary schools teaching various subjects like Math, Chemistry, Biology, Physics, English, Economics, General Paper, as well as Mother Tongue Languages like Chinese.

The school has had and continues to have substantial success, and this can be attributed to the innovative form of tuition that has set us apart from our competitors.

In Singapore, we are the first and only tuition service that provides what we call ‘Personalised Tuition’- a teaching style that is customised specifically to each student making their learning experiences and learning process significantly more efficient.

Firstly, our tuition classes are conducted in smaller groups and small class sizes to provide students with a more closed effective teaching environment and more time to consult their tutors. We provide group tuition that typically range from 1 student (private 1-to-1 tutoring) to up to 7 students in a class.

These small, tutorial-styled classes are not the only way we carry out our Personalised Tuition, and we know many tuition centres probably boast these same class sizes. We, however, take the personalisation process one step further using various types of supporting materials, teaching method and teaching strategies.

Before joining a tuition class, students are required to fill out an extensive form that provides more information on the topics they are currently studying, as well as the topics they struggle with the most. Aside from this, students are also asked to provide the centre with their schools’ learning materials for us to assess.

This allows us to do a holistic assessment of the students’ academic needs in relation to their school, which helps us move forward by creating their own customised learning plan for professional development.

This customised plan, however, is not completely rigid. Our tuition teachers know it is important to be flexible in order to respond to the changing needs and progress of every student.

Furthermore, we firmly believe that the teaching conducted in the centre should be catered to what the students are learning in their own schools. Many tuition centres often promote their own ‘superior’ syllabus, or boast an advanced pace of teaching. But we don’t see that as a beneficial way of learning here in Sophia Education and we focus on moe syllabuses.

Our centre’s education ethos affirms that learning in our classes must work in unison with the learning in the specific students’ schools. Tuition classes are meant to complement and cover any pitfalls in learning that the student may have in school. Not detract from the school syllabus like other tuition centres tend to do.

Our Personalised Tuition is also executed through the learning materials we provide to each student. The specific work we assign always corresponds to the student’s unique ability in the subject. We provide quality teaching materials and supporting materials like quizzes, notes with detailed questions answers and practices.

Other tuition centres often make the crucial mistake of assigning work to students based on the prestige of the schools they come from. Here at Sophia Education, every student starts with a fresh slate. We take careful and meticulous steps to measure each individual’s ability in itself.

The best way to make consistent progress is to meet the students where they are stuck at, rather than pushing them to a level of difficulty they are not ready for yet.

You might be wondering, how are a few teachers able to provide such specialised tutoring to every single one of our students? Well, we have cleverly developed a system that enables this personalisation.

Foremostly, Sophia Education employs the help of supporting staff who not only aid in the administrative tasks of the centre, but also take an active role in monitoring our students’ learning needs.

The centre utilises an automated IT system that sends out email forms every week. This form inquires on the topic and subject areas that the student is currently struggling with before they come down for their class. The supporting staff then take it upon themselves to review the forms submitted, and work in tandem with our tutors to develop the week’s lesson plans.