April 3, 2018

1. Teaching is a 2-part job.

I do admit that school teachers are educated and have the knowledge necessary to teach their subject,  but in reality, teaching is a profession with 2 parts. Part 1 is knowledge and part 2 is teaching techniques. This is the part most school...

April 3, 2018

1. Time management

“Time stays long enough for those who use it.“ – Leonardo Da Vinci

Time is limited but is enough to study all the subjects, as long as you plan your time well.

  • Make a study plan, stay disciplined and force yourself to adhere to it

2. Study method


April 3, 2018

1. Teachers are human too.

There are some teachers that really cannot make it. This is the ugly truth. People are different (regardless if they’re teachers or not). Sometimes you’re not lucky and will end up meeting a teacher that doesn’t suit you or is just not a nice...