September 1, 2020

Here are some important strategies that you can take to do better in O-level Chinese and Higher Chinese.

1. Different formats for Chinese or Higher Chinese

To do well for Chinese, you have to familiarise yourself with the different structures of the paper and how many marks are in each section so that you can do proper time management - allocate time more effectively for each sect...

August 31, 2020

How to Revise for O Level Science Effectively & Quickly

The O Level Chemistry Examination not only tests the number of chemical facts and definitions you have remembered, but also if you know how to apply the chemistry concepts and solve application problems.

About 30% of the marks are given for recall of facts and definitions, the rest are for understanding and applications of chemistry...

August 31, 2020

Pointers For Peak Performance In 'O' Level Science


Paper 1

1. Several statements may be presented in questions of any topic. Students should select the appropriate statements by reading through each carefully and marking each, ‘true’, ‘false’, or ‘not able to tell’.

2. Questions that include microscopic or illustrated images with parts that students must label generally feature und...

March 18, 2020

School Teachers are the first people a student will be exposed to when entering an educational institute of any kind. They are the people who define the educational atmosphere of the institute and give students a looking glass into the world of education and its plethora of subjects it has to offer. However, the looking glass may not always be of the best quality and in return, the stu...

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