August 31, 2020

Biology is hardly a subject that you can pick up in 2 seconds. It incorporates a little bit of Chemistry and Mathematics, mixed with its own principles – which makes it complex to say the least!  How to get an A in Biology is to understand that is the foundation of how we understand all living things.  That’s a pretty amazing subject to study.

How a new protein is catalysed in...

August 28, 2020

The recipe for passing your physics test? Combine proper preparation throughout your physics class with the right study strategies in the days leading up to your exam, and finish it up with effective test-taking techniques.

Steps to Take Throughout Your Physics Course

The most important thing to do throughout your physics course is to stay up to date on the material you're learning. Beca...

March 13, 2018

1. Understanding the requirements of the subject

The different JC Chemistry chapters require different aspect of understanding. Some topics focus on memorization (eg Organic Chem), while some topics focus on application of formulae (eg acid-base equilibrium). Ms Cheng will accurately identify and go through the respective features of the chapters with you, ensuring that you will complet...

March 8, 2018

1. Don’t skip too many steps at once

Avoid skipping too many steps at once when it comes to addition and subtraction. Students usually attempt to skip a few steps in problem solving by working it out mentally to save time. However, these mental calculations are not always accurate, which will lead to the wrong answer despite going through all the right steps.

2. Check calculations and RE...

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